Improve the health of your jaw with a bone graft

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgery where the missing bone is replaced to allow for effective dental implants. With our advanced oral technology and procedures, we can even promote new bone growth in that location for optimal results.

Bone grafts may be required for a successful dental implant.

Types of bone grafts.

Also known as autograft, autogenous bone grafts involve taking samples from your bones located elsewhere and using these samples to rebuild the jawbone. Common harvest areas include the skull, hip, lower leg bone, jaw, and chin. The advantages of such a procedure include increased bone growth and the reduced chances of your body rejecting the bone, as it comes from your own body.

Allogenic bone (or allograft) is bone harvested from a cadaver. The bone is sterilized and then processed in a freeze-dried method. Allogenic bone grafts serve as a scaffold to guide healing of the jawbone.

Xenogenic bone is extracted from another non-living species, like a cow. The bone is processed at high temperatures to sterilize the bone and reduce the risk of contamination and immune rejection. Xenogenic bone does not promote natural bone growth either. However, it does not require a second procedure such as the autograft.

Bone graft substitutes.

In some cases, natural bone extractions and placements may not be an option for patients. Our visionary oral surgeons in Summerville, SC are skilled at using synthetic materials to mimic the effects of normal bone grafts.

Graft composites mix together materials such as collagen / ceramic composite, bone marrow cells, and more to provide stability and generate growth factors.

This is extracted collagen, protein, and growth factors from allograft bones to be used as a bone graft. It can take the form of putty, chips, powder, or gel.

Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are naturally produced in the body. They regulate and promote bone healing and formation.

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